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    I’m trying out AirTV (new black box). I’m getting occasional momentary stutters. I’m curious if others have seen this and have suggestions on how to correct.

    We live within 5 miles of most of the broadcast towers and the signals appear strong for the majority of channels using the SlingTV app (as shown when the scanning of channels is complete). It doesn’t look like classic digital signal loss. There is no pixelation or picture loss and the stutter is very brief which makes me think it’s not a “strength of signal/pickup” issue.

    It appears on multiple channels but I haven’t watched enough to know if it is happening on all channels (watching live television with all of the commercials is painful - can’t wait for the DVR capability to be rolled out). My first reaction was a network issue. But, both the AirTV box and FireTV (edition 2) are hard wired via ethernet cable and the network signal appears strong (measured using Ookla over wifi).

    Appreciate any suggestions/thoughts....

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