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Jun 3, 2008
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I have been away for some time in Albuquerque and found the local radio scene there interesting. The FM dial is packed with a signal on almost every alternate frequency (radiolocator brings up 44 FM entries). Many of the new stations are translators. There are FM translators of AM stations in the surrounding small towns, relays of FM from other cities, even low power transmitters for the full power station originating from the same mountain top. I didn't even take my HD radio to check out those signals.
In regards to formats, they also seem to be in a constant state of flux. Rock has gone Country, Country gone Sports, etc, etc. I do not know much about the business end of radio but that would seem to indicate that the market is oversaturated and many stations are not making enough money.
We only have two FM translators here in El Paso. One is for the AM religion station that has to go very low power at night and the other for a FM HD signal that wants to pass as a regular station. FM translators are very useful in some circumstances but I feel they are being over utilized in Albuquerque.


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Nov 17, 2003
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Minneapolis just as bad. Now you have translators that cover the eastern part of the metro and translators that are on same frequency but cover west metro
its asinine

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