Am I ready for Hoppers and Joeys (plus cable internet)? (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2007
I have attached a picture I took of the network panel box at the home into which I am moving. I would appreciate understanding what I can expect as a result of this wiring configuration. The rooms in the house all have faceplates with a combination of R45 and coax outlets (no real consistency- some have two coax, one R45, others have two R45 and one coax, and there is at least one that has two of both).

Anyway, I'm curious based on the photographic evidence if I am positioned to have both Time Warner Cable and Dish Network satellite service (Hoppers and Joeys) throughout the house with the wiring currently in place? I am coming from an older home where I was forced to go wireless outside of the room where the Internet (cable) entered the house and the modem resided. I would like to have a wired network throughout the new house if possible.

I don't know if the cable internet and satellite TV signals can be shared on the coax (or if this is even a relevant question given the wiring I have)?

I also don't know if the CAT 5e wiring is for telephone only with this particular setup or if it is ready to transmit data?

Thanks in advance for your analysis of what I have...and potentially- don't have.

Note- if you click on the picture it rotates it 90* (at least on my computer) so the orientation is correct.



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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 6, 2013
Let me see if I can help. The best way to trace those wires would be to get a tone generator and a listening device. You'll b able to find out where they terminate at. Most of the time the coax cable will join together at some sort of splitter. From the splitter is where they come into that box. The cox Internet can come into one line and you can keep all the other lines separate from the cox.

As for the cat5. The gray boxes they plug into, I can't tell if that is a patch panel, some other networking or if its for a phone system. Most pbx phones work over cat 5 now, but I don't see why someone would have a pbx in a house. Never the less, you can repurpose those lines by unplugging them from those gray jacks and into a switch, and that will give you the network access you would like.
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