Another 921 question.....or maybe two


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Sep 14, 2003
Topeka, Kansas
Reviewing the spec sheet on the 921 I noticed the set of RCA-type audio/video inputs. What are these to be used for? Are they pass-thru to connect another device to view thru the 921 or will I be able to record on the hard drive from the line in?

2d question as an afterthought..... Will the 921 record an analog off-air broadcast media, or just the HD/SD off-air reception?

The RCA inputs are used for pass throughs, you can not record from them.

And while you can record OTA Digital signals you can not record over the air ANALOG broadcasts.

Hope this helps.
Yep...that answers my question.

Thanks, Scott......BTW, Love what you've done with the new place.....very comfortable in here....mind if I sit in that comfy looking recliner over there?

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