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May 27, 2004
Newberg, OR
I was flipping through the guide and saw that one of my favorite shows was recording on TV2... but the red "recording" light wasn't on. Also it wasn't showing up on the "DVR" list.. After 10 minutes of trying to figure it out and worrying that this machine (which works perfect for me) is starting to develop problems that many others were seeing...

It turns out that earlier, I went to see if I had the new "Single Mode" software update... I selected "Menu" -> "Installation" -> "System Info" (or something like that) to see what version of the software I had... It turns out that this info displayed on TV2 as well. Right after I pressed "OK" on TV2's remote, the box went away and the red light came on, it started recording, but the first 15 minutes never got recorded. The TV2 output went right back to "Press Select to Continue" screen saver. The scary thing is that the TV2's power light was never on.

I don't often turn on TV2 and am concerned that I can do something that will cause this to happen again and miss recordings.. Maybe this is the issue that causes the standard complaint of missed recordings.. Anyone else see this?
Sorry wishbone it is just buggy software always has been and always will be with DISH Network. Love it or leave it. I left it 12 months ago except for selling it to make my living.
That happens to me twice a week. What I usually do is stop the "recording" and then push the red record button and " record the remainder of this program." When it happens to me there is no red light, it doesn't show up on the dvr list and the tv you are recording on acts like it's actually recording when it's not. If this happens and you aren't around to see it then you are screwed. Don't know why it decides to just not record something.
Yeah they definately be some quirks with these units. But I knew that going in so I'm not surprised and all in all I think the DVR works pretty good. I'm still glad I hung on to my Tivo though. Theres some shows I'd really be pissed about missing. Hang in there guys it can only get better...can't it?

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