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May 19, 2004
I'm the guy that had the reception problems acouple threads ago. I got a tv calibration dvd called Home Theatre Set Up disk. My picture is a little better, but still some pixellation. The local channels are definetely not as clear as my cable was. Maybe the new 522 dish is sending me will be better. How does everyone elses local channel picture compare to the rest of the channels? Is direct tv better in picture? I'm just wondering as if the receiver doesn't fix it I'm calling dish to either fix it or take it back. My other question is even though my satellite cable run is only 40 or 50 feet, would it maybe help if I used one of those in-line rca satellite amplifiers? They just screw into the cable before the receiver.
Different locals have different quality, so we need to know where you are to even begin to comment on that - or on the signal strength issues.

I kinda doubt :rolleyes: that the RCA inline amplifier would work, but considering that DishPro is spec'd for 200' of cable, I don't think loss is an issue - unless it's the wrong type of cable. If you had the install done for you, it should be the right stuff - RG-6 rated at 2150MHz or better.
Thanks. I live in NH. My friend just had Direct TV installed and he said the picture is great even on the locals. Althought his signal got knocked off briefly with the t-storms we had tonight and I still had a signal of over 100.
Yeah my installers ran all new cable and everything. They didn't tap into my old house cabling at all. If dish can't find out why my picture isn't as good as my digital cable then I'll tell them they can take their equipment back with them and I'll go with Direct TV. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new receiver will fix things.
There are different signal strengths to check. One for 110 CONUS, one for 119 CONUS. Use transponder 11 for them.

You didn't give which city your locals are, or name any of them, and I didn't see any "NH" locals in the list (HINT, HINT to people that want questions answered - give us all the information!).
Anyway, they are probably on a spotbeam which is yet a 3rd signal strength to check. I can't tell you which one because I can't look it up.
DISH tends to use more compression on locals to get more channels up. Your cable company is probably not delivering the channels digitally but picking them up and delivering them as an analog signal which can be better than a digital signal.

Besides 119-11 and 110-11 for the national channels, the Boston locals are on 119-1s13. the "s13" is Spotbeam #13. The point dish screen should say "spotbeam" when you select transponder #1 (it may not display on all receivers).

If you have a second dish pointed @ 61.5 for the 'lesser' locals, they are on tp# 22.

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