Any idea on the next software update?


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Feb 12, 2004
It's getting pretty old trying to explain to my wife why the OTA's don't show any data, and why I have to rescan them every few days or so.

I'd heard that the software fix for this would be second or third quarter. Please, someone tell me this is coming sooner rather than later.

BTW - it makes me want to puke when I hear that the Dish 942 will be half the cost of the 921. Who do these E* people think they are?
Hopefully we'll see a new update soon that will fix the OTA problems. I've seen posts around that imply we might see the OTA guide data late june, early july time frame. Only problem is no one at dish network understands that a month only has 30 days. We are still waiting on a "Big" update that was supposed to be out in April.

942 - Look at it this way, you can get the second HD DVR for half the first. It will look very nice setting under my 921 and won't have near the WAF problems if it only cost $500-$600.
Except that you'll only have one OTA digital tuner, and who knows about availability as every other receiver released with a "2" at the end has been lease only.....
It is Thursday, maybe we'll get a software update tonight? I only say today because in the past the "Regular" releases have been on Thursday. Some of the emergency fixes have come out on other days.

Any thoughts?

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