any ideas when dish will be getting abc and nbc in hd?

Would the answer, "Not anytime in the near future. If you can get OTA programming that would be receomended. If you can not, your SOL." ,been better?
From you location a set top antenna should work.
Kevinw said:
Would the answer, "Not anytime in the near future. If you can get OTA programming that would be receomended. If you can not, your SOL." ,been better?
From you location a set top antenna should work.

LOL!! Yes! That sounds a lot better.
It's a sore subject with me, since where I live is not eligible for cable, and I really can't get a good analog signal from any of the local stations except for the local PBS. As far as digital, I have not yet bought my TV yet, though I suspect I should be able to pick up NBC and FOX just fine, even though the only person I know with a Hi-Def receiver only 8 more miles away from the towers than I am, can't get a decent signal from FOX without the signal dropping out ever 5 seconds, and I'm not sure he can even get NBC at all. My closest ABC and CBS is some 70 miles away, and I can't get a decent signal from the two (although ABC isn't too bad), and I'm sure I can't get a digital signal from either of them. I have no local OTA WB! provider (so I can forget getting a Hi-Def broadcast of theirs, and my local UPN is some 90 miles away. I'm extremely excited about the prospect of Dish or DirecTV possibly getting the Albany channels on Satellite in the next year or two (crossing my fingers), and hopefully by then SHVIA will be changed to allow satellite to offer out-of-market stations similar to cable or even better, allow them to offer channels that can be picked-up with an antenna as I can pick several stations that are already offered on satellite from Florida DMAs.

~Alan<~~~~~~~~Who can be long-winded sometime.
dlsnyder said:
Sadly our neighbors to the north have more American HDTV on satellite than we do. Check out this link to Bell Expressvu . Perhaps a "move" to the north might be in order?

Nah...too much trouble. I'm sure as HD gets more popular, ABC and CBS will start boosting their signal power here, and maybe eventually, one or two of the Superstations will be in Hi-Def. I'll just be happy when the Albany DMA is up in SD on one of the satellite companies, and hopefully by then, I'll be able to get my local ABC and CBS out of the Columbus DMA too!

Both CBS and FOX HD will be available on DirecTV shortly (probably after the new satellite goes up). Beyond that I haven't heard of any solid plans for more network HD on satellite. There was a rumor that Dish was going to launch a new HD channel with NBC programming "later this year" but nothing confirmed yet. Keep pestering your local broadcasters for OTA coverage in your area. They "own" your eyeballs so they should make every effort to provide you with a useable signal. Don't get me started on that topic! :aargh:
I firmly believe that it is the network's who restrain this.

They want you to watch the local affiliates (period). And do not seem to care about all the folks who can not get OTA reception, or who want something other than their designated local affiliate.

This is a great excuse to write to your rascals in congress, FCC, and the networks about the subject. The SHVA (Satellite Home Viewers Act) which restains the network channel availability issue on satellite comes up for renewal THIS YEAR!

I've got a feeling that the networks will be working hard to further lock everybody down to only getting their local affiliate.
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Isn't that special..... a free US citizen is censored, and must resort to grey market activity, and spend money on a foreign service, just to watch some US Network television.....

There is something wrong with this picture..... sounds like a story from China, or North Korea.....

I hope that we can all stand up to the Networks this year, and change this situation for the better....

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