Any thought on the new Stocks Feature?

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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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If you haven't noticed already the "Top of the line stocks" feature is now history, and now instead stocks are available on the top of every page below the SatelliteGuys logo.

As you may remember I wrote the "Top of the Line Stocks" feature by hand but I could not get it to fit in correctly on the site.

So today I figured out how GD works and thats how we got our new stock feature. :)

I do hope everyone enjoys it. :D
I like it much better where it's at now instead of across the entire page. It's less intrusive where it's at now.
I own both XM and Sirius stock (only about $2K total) so it i cool to be able to see it there.....
I think that it certainly looks better now than it did across the top of the page.
I just noticed it. I usually link right to the forums and never look up.

It looks much neater than the old one.
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