Anybody Looking for a handheld shower head with full pressure?


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Jun 26, 2006
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I was tired of replacing shower heads find every one I got to replace the old ones due to mold were more and more water restricted. I am not a Amazon employee or reviewer, but must say, I just took the best shower in 20 years. I think you use less water with full pressure and flow than with the restricted ones. But anyway, if you want full flow and pressure try this. Got away with it by including a regulator that you don't need to install. Amazon product
Must be old stock. Aren’t removable restrictors forbidden these days?
They come with the restrictors in a separate zip lock, up to you to install it quote "if you have too much water pressure". Ordered 3 more last night, one for upstairs, one for my mother and one for a spare.
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I actually prefer the aerators (good quality ones), I've traveled to other countries that don't use them and it's like a garden hose pouring on you.
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These have multiple spray patterns and a aerator in the part that screws onto the shower pipe from the wall, no pouring water on you, just a nice powerful spray. I say they save water as you can rinse the shampoo and soap off a lot faster.
I bought a Peerless hand held last week that said full pressure and it took 10 minutes to get the water temp right it flowed so low. Forget about just washing soap off, you had to scrub it off with the gentle rain coming out of it. I will say it feels cheap and is, but for 24 bucks, why not? Also the hose is very flexable, another plus.
The one thing about our RV I don’t like is the low flow. Piped that way. Replacing the head didn’t help.
We've been very satisfied with the Camco hand held shower head I installed in our RV in 2016. I run the onboard pump at 50 psi and we turn it on for showers even when we have shore water available. The "nipples" are a soft rubber material that easily clean off hard water scale just by flexing them with a finger tip.

Amazon product
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