Anyone have Hopper with sling that works?

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Is your HWS on Carbon UI a POS?

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  1. I'm so frustrated my head may explode. I have HWS, super joey and joey. Worked great for 2 years then the hard drive failed. Dish sent new hopper Feb 2017 and it was defective. Sent tech, he confirmed was bad and installed new hopper. It had carbon ui and I'm OK with that. Had some issues and per Dish rep it was a known issue and software update will correct. April 2nd roofer removed dish and next day Dish tech was out remounted on roof and like usual, wants to "fix" everything. Usually I decline, but said have at it. He replaced dish, dicked with cables and converted to Hybrid twin even though I don't need it. I became more frustrated with the constant problems and called dish. Again I was told known issue, wait for software. May 14th new software came in and still fffff'd up. June 11th I went nuts again and called dish. They still say known issue, but sent tech out anyway. Guy came out June 13th & said signal is great and replaced HWS. Looked like all was well that day and June 14th 2:31 AM it looks like another software update came in. I think it showed U234 without a date after the guy installed the new HWS, but now it shows U234 with the June 14th date.
    June 18 we went to watch some recordings and once again, we have multiple recordings of what should be a single event and get nothing but a black screen. Does Dish offer a system that works? Am I the only one having problems? With the known issues BS from the service rep I would think not.
  3. I didn't have a bit of trouble with HWSs. Have you thought about going to a Hopper 3?
  4. Nor did I until the Carbon UI. You said "didn't". Do you currently have HWS on Carbon? I've thought about H3, but I don't need it and can't see paying more just to get a functional system.
  5. I went to the new CUI on 27 May for my two HWSs. They worked great. Upgraded to two Hopper 3s last Thursday. Hooper 3s are superior to the HWS. Sure is awesome not having to contend with timer conflicts.
  6. BZZZZ. Click. Does not compute!
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  7. You really had conflicts with 16 tuners? You must have a huge family, or you are just addicted to recording sh*t!:oldwink
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  8. Any idea why they keep telling me it's a known issue for the last 2 months? Could my issues be a combination of HWS, Suoer Joey and Joey?
  9. I don't know. Sorry, wish I could help.
  10. As an example, This program is on from 6PM - 7PM central time. I took these pics at 7:58 central and even though it's only 1 program it has 2 instances listed and shows "recording now".

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  11. Ferl ... check that PTAT is not enabled on BOTH boxes. I only had it on one box before, then my hopper updated and it turned it on, on my DVR...

    Since the update I've not been able to watch any PTAT recordings from my other DVR which does the PTAT.

    I get to see the folders that tell me how many shows are supposed to be in there .. but the moment I go into the folders, it tells me no recordings.

    If I go to the other DVR and look at it there .. PTAT works.

    Also trying to get the DIshAnywhere to work .. that just sits there in a constant "boot loop" or app loop. yay upgrades.. :(
  12. I only have 1 DVR. If I disable PTAT on the super joey it disables PTAT on the HWS. Oddly when PTAT records a program in multiple segments we can often watch the program by switching to the other segment when one gives up the ghost. The black screen recordings happen more with non prime time recordings.
    To take my previous pics further, here's the status this morning. One istance still shows recording this one hour program.

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  13. This is not PTAT and the timer is for 1 hour with a 1 min early start and 3 min late end.

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  14. I have 2 HWS that have the new CUI. I will admit that I have had some issues with the new software, especially with being much slower.
    I have had problems with times not working, duplicating, PTAT recording longer than it should. I also miss the 4x fast forward speed.
  15. I also get multiple recordings. I just delete them.

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  16. My bad I must have read the "2 years" as 2 hoppers. The multiple recordings .. with less than full length look like the recording got halted by "whatever" and so the hopper picked up where it left off, but one of the pictures didn't show reduced time ... wow. :(
  17. If was so simple it would be great, but in my case you can't trust either recording to have the entire program, so you have to switch back and forth to determine you still don't have it all.
  18. Let me go on record as saying My purpose is not to trash Dish. I've been with Dish for about 20 years now and have been more than happy with the service and a huge fan of their equipment/DVR. I had a 722,622 & 612 at my old address until we moved in 2014 and then went with the HWS setup at the new house. It's been great until this fiasco in the last few months. Since the HWS has been replaced several times and the tech confirmed an acceptable installation with good signal strength it kinda points to the receiver software, which is the problem the Dish reps keep pointing at. If so, fix it already. What doesn't add up is the 10 people so far in this poll that apparently don't experience my issues. Aren't we all on the same firmware/software? If so, it would suggest that this is not a "known issue" that will be corrected with an update.
  19. I would have to guess its a bad firmware download that got installed anyway. When i had my H2k it had the same issues after an update with CUI. Since it was slow anyway and barely usable i told them the replacement did the same and i contacted executive customer support and managed to get a free HWS upgrade.

    Whats your internet speed? Is it a stable connection? I only have 3mbs download and i'm connected to a neighbors wifi so its not 100% stable and definitely not supported so that's what i would blame mine on but my HWS works perfectly, even with my super joey installed.
  20. It's 5g wifi and tested 22Mb now. Often the wifi hits 50M. Don't all updates come down the dish n the house.
  21. I never thought about that. There’s gotta be a common factor though. Can you post a pic of the diagnostics screen with the receiver info?

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