Anyone have the Harmony 550 remote?



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Aug 14, 2007
I'm about to buy this but I want to make sure it'll work on my vip 622 HD-DVR box. Can anyone confirm?
The 550 worked fine with a 722 when I had Dish, TV1 only of course since TV2 is RF, and the 550 is IR only.
Just to add, I have the 722 and 211 and this remote works on both of them. Enjoy the Harmony, it works great
Ditto everyone else. It will work just fine on the 622. Takes a bit of time to tweak and get set up, but it is well worth the time spent to do it.
Ditto everyone else. It will work just fine on the 622. Takes a bit of time to tweak and get set up, but it is well worth the time spent to do it.

Once you get it set up, it works GREAT. And, if you're anything like me, your system isn't set in stone. So as you upgrade your system and move things around here and there, it's exceptionally easy to update your remote.

It is, hands down, the best universal remote I've ever used, especially when it comes to battery life, ease of use, programming and functionality.
Personally I'd think twice before getting the Harmony 520 / 550 models.

Although at first it functions relatively well (like other Harmony remotes), this unit is really not built well at all.

The biggest problem it being so thin near the front. With even normal hand force on the forward buttons, you can actually feel the remote "bend" slightly.

Children and women may not have as much of a problem with it but a normal man's grip and pressing force may cause intermittent problems after a while, like having to press a button multiple times to get a response or like in my case, some buttons stopped working entirely. I believe the circuit board may have actually cracked under the strain.

I went a few more $$ and got the 670 on sale at BB and so far, it's working great.
The one thing you have to make sure of is the 622 will have to be set to remote code 1 or you will be programming every button..

I had Mine set that way and it worked great..
I've got two 880's and one 550. All three work great with my two 622's and one 211 although the buttons on the 550 are a little spongy compared to the 880.

This is because the 550 is on the lower end of the product line I'm going to replace it with another 880 or one of the new Harmony One's.
The 550 is a good remote and works well the problem I had with mine was the way it was made. Very flimsy, my son set on it on the couch and the screen shattered he is only 10 and does not weigh very much. The remote would bend very easy as well. I invested a little more $$ and got the Harmony one. It is made better, cost more but worth it. It even has a rechargeable battery the 550 went through batteries quick.
i have the logitech xbox 360 remote which is about the same as the 550. with a call to logitech support (and getting through to a level 2 tech support person), i was able to get the remote to work with both my 722 and 625. very easy to setup and use. only complaint i have with it is that some of the buttons are kinda hard to push. the main arrow keys with the button in the middle (the ones you use to navigate around menus, etc) can become very tiresome to push when you have to scroll around the guide a lot and setup timers, etc. i am not sure i can convince my wife we need a harmony one because of this though :)
Harmony One

Just purchased the Harmony One and it works great with the 622.

If anyone needs JPEGS for thier favorite icons, this is a great site to download them:

s q u a r e e y e s i c o n h a r m o n y

Big thanks to Squareeeyes from the AVS forum.

Set-up for the "One" was failrly quick. No problem with the VIP622,
Panasonic CT36HX40 HDTV, Sony STR DE885, or my Panasonic RP62 DVD player.
It did have an issue with my Panasonic DMR E100 DVD recorder, as it was not part of the database and so the ONE had to learn the remote via IR.
After about 2 hours of program/test/program, it worked.

The ONE works great, although now and then it does glitch... but the help function is the best I have seen in a remote, and corrects the problem.

Is it worth the money? ($199.00 @ Amazon)
well, to watch my wife set the system to play a DVD with the press of one button.....I would say that's just about priceless.
I love my 550, but it does have it's drawbacks. The number pad buttons are very small and hard to accurately push, although you shouldn't have to punch in numbers very often. I only have to because of the password (with kids around I have to lock out certain programming). There is no "DVR" button, and last I checked there is no way to program one in, so you have to go thru the Menu function to get to the My Recordings. On the plus side, I like the shape and size much better than the hourglass design of the others and the buttons are easy to memorize by feel. It programs easily and nibbles on batteries. I just wish they could add bluetooth functionality to it so it could turn on the wii and the PS3.
There is no "DVR" button, and last I checked there is no way to program one in, so you have to go thru the Menu function to get to the My Recordings.
nice thing about the 360 harmony remote is that it has the 4 colored buttons that match the 360's buttons. but for the DVR i use those buttons for the DVR, GUIDE, ZOOM, and TV ZOOM buttons. no figitting with the menu (at the top of the remote) 99% of the time.

you also should have the four buttons below the number buttons that you can use for anything you like. i have them programmed for skip back, skip fwd, pause and cancel.
I have the HarmonyOne also and I agree with Gary08. Not only can my wife press one button to watch tv -- she can now watch a movie when I am not there and she can also find the station she wants to watch easily with the icons Gary08 meantioned. I set up one page for her and she really likes it. Now if I could just program that puppy to use the 30 second advance on the * button I would be very happy!

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