Anyone interested in a Connecticut Meeting?

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Sep 7, 2003
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Hey guys, I need your feedback, I want to find out if anyone wants to have a get together here in Connecticut possibly next month.

My idea is as follows ...

I have a local retailer in Central Connecticut which is willing to let me use their showroom so that we can get together and set up some equipment like a HD TIVO and a 921 for you to play with and tinker with.

We can possibly have people there from both DirecTV and Dish Network to answer some of our questions on the products (Or to demo the products to us)

How many of you would be interested in something like this? What day is best (Not a specific date but Day) and what other things would you like to see with this type of meeting?

Let me know. I really do enjoy meeting SatelliteGuys members!
To bad that I am in FL. I would love to do something like that. I hope people take you up on your offer. You seem like you always go that extra mile for this group.
i'm still trying to decide on the best bbq pplace to take you and C.A. to next month here in Big
How about we shift it to Foxwoods and get a midnight poker game on?....

Otherwise, It's 3-5 hours from Jersey, but I'll try to do it depending on the day you choose....
I am very interested, but am so busy with job and kids that it would be difficult to commit to a date and time. Perhaps you can show us a new 811 that doesn't have dark images, and I can bring mine and swap it when nobody is looking :)

(near Hartford)
Sounds good to me. I'm up for anywhere in CT, although one of the casinos might end up throwing off the WAF a bit :)
No it will not be at a casino. :)

Yes we will be doing something and I am working on it now. I will announce it when I have the exact dates set.

I got to make sure I can get everyone I want there on the same date, I am hoping to have someone there from Dish, VOOM, and DirecTV. :)
Scott, I would love to go. Saturdays are the best day for me except the first one of the month. I have no intention of changing from Voom but would love to play with other stuff.

GREAT IDEA! I am new to al this HD stuff and just started posting.I have had A Mits 55" for over a year now using Comcast for HD. I just bought a house in Haddam (closing late June) with large hills all around. Living in Middletown now. I am very curious what I can get OTA and what type of antenna to buy, etc. I may order VOOM today for the promo, but dont know if I should because of the OTA problem. Needless to say I am clueless. Any and all info I can get would be awesome and very much appreciated. I probably wont understand alot of the real techy stuff but thats o.k. I read your posting often and it would be cool to meet you guys.
Anyways, I have a great friend that would love to join as well. He is also a newbie living in East Hampton and having problems.

My schedule is flex so whenever and wherever is good.

Thanks again and look forward to it!

Thanks for the reply Keith. I tried that site recently and it said "violet". I know it means a big antenna but I dont know how big and/or where I could buy one.

Oh well! Thanks again!
Brohill said:
Thanks for the reply Keith. I tried that site recently and it said "violet". I know it means a big antenna but I dont know how big and/or where I could buy one.

Oh well! Thanks again!
Signal Electronics in West Hartford is where I bought my antenna. Try and get as high as you can with antenna.
I have been working on a few things but getting everyone who wants to participate on this on the same schedule is hard.

We are still working on though, trust me. :D
Nothing to report. I was working on something and trying to get people from all 3 companues to come, but we can never get anyones schedules to match.

I still want to do something though.

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