Anyone know of any decent, inexpensive surround sound systems?

gary s

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Oct 9, 2003
Southern Cal
I don't know much about surround sound systems. But, it is possible to get a system with wireless speakers, at least for the rear speakers, that is fairly inexpensive? Does anyone know of such a system?

I didn't know which forum I should post this in.


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I wouldn't listen to an RCA system with someone else's ears.

I'd recommend a Panasonic home theater system with their wireless Tx/Rx add-on. They are offering a $100 rebate on the wireless when purchasing both, plus $50 rebate on the HT system itself.

Remember, those are MSRP prices. If you search around, you can find them for much cheaper. Even at MSRP, it would be the same $400 as the RCA mentioned above, after rebate.

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