Anyone use Aspen SuperNode with 522 TV2?


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Oct 18, 2004
I built a new house recently and had it prewired for both cable and Dish by a local retailer. I have a 522 in the bonus room where the main tv is. TV2 is output to a distribution box in a closet where the Aspen SuperNode combines the Dish and Charter Cable. I have an amplifier between the TV2 output and the Aspen to get better signal through the house. On the 2 tvs that are the fartherest from the split, I am getting some really bad static noise. The picture is fine, but the sound is pretty bad. Any suggestions on how to solve this since I already have an amp inline?
What kind of coax did you use? Are the ends on correctand secure? Did you ground the coax? Try it without the amp you might be suprised.
All cables are RG6. I tried it without the amp and the picture was unwatchable.
I have a homegrown SuperNode setup. Generally, the times I've had bad sounds on my distribution setup was due to bad connectors/ends/stray metal strands/etc. causing interference somewhere in the setup.

Here are some things to try.

You can try the amp after the Aspen directly to one of the TV's having problems to see if you can pinpoint the source problems.

If you have extra cables run them directly from your SuperNode or even TV2 directly to the TV's having problems. Although this is a pain it will help determine to see if it's the cable or the distance?

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