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Mar 9, 2004
Anyone use bluetooth hands free kits car kits? Not the ear pieces but the kits for cars? I'm thinking I really want one in my 06 Accord but at the same time I would like it in all the vehicles and don't want to have to buy several. This is when I saw this.
Parrot MINIKIT Slim Portable car kit for Bluetooth® cell phones at

Anyone use that?

This is the other one I'm considering
Parrot MKi9100 Bluetooth® car kit for iPhone® 3G, BlackBerry® Storm, and other popular cell phones at

However, I don't know if it will work since the adapter for them that plugs into the back of the radio looks like it plugs in where the adapter for the USA Spec ipod adapter I installed plugs in. I'm not sure if you can use both or not. This is also one that I can only use in one vehicle.

Anyone have any experience with these things? Any recommendations? I have a bluetooth ear piece and I don't like it at all. That's why I was wondering about these kits.


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Oct 13, 2003
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MY wife uses hers in her Toy Camry. It's OK but performance on voice quality is lacking. Typical speakerphone quality but I don't complain because she refuses to wear a BT headpiece and at least this way I know she is on the phone hands on the driving.

The nice thing about her BT in the car is she doesn't need to do anything. Just gets in and it connects. The system is designed to recognize upto 5 different BT phones but only the first one to connect gets the system. So, if I get in the car with mine first, hers won't connect until I leave. ( OK that was with my old XV6800. I haven't reprogrammed my new htc TP2 to the Camry yet. I'm always using the BT ear piece anyway.)

Put it this way, I like it well enough that I wouldn't mind having a similar system in my Caravan.


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Feb 26, 2007
Torrance, CA
I upgraded my stock Honda Civic car stereo to a stereo that has bluetooth and stereo bluetooth capabilities. Now it will allow me hands free driving while on my iPhone and allow me to stream my iPhone music wirelessly.

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