FOR SALE Apple Mac mini, 3GHz Dual Core i7 "Late 2014" New 2.0TB SSD $300 shipped


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Oct 18, 2013
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I bought this Mac Mini from OWC Mac Sales in December planning to move my Channels DVR server to it, but I decided to stick with the NAS for the time being so I'm offering it for sale.

It is still in the original packaging from OWC, and hasn't been booted at all. This is how they described it:

Apple Mac mini, 3GHz Dual Core i7 "Late 2014" with 16GB RAM, NEW 2.0TB SSD, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Used, Very Good condition. It was completely refurbished by them prior to the sale, and should be in excellent working condition.

I paid $50 for the extended two year warranty, so repair and/or replacement is covered through December 2025. The warranty is transferrable and will be transferred to the buyer.

Asking $300 shipped


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Price reduced to $300 shipped. Really need to get this gone. It would make a great Channels DVR server for HDHomeRun devices, or a Plex server.