Are you picking up signal through trees?


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Oct 14, 2003
I know that with Direcway internet service, trees really degrade the signal and affect your download speeds.

How do trees affect satellite TV reception? I would assume with TV, you are either receiving a signal or you aren't.

Does anyone have their dish pointing through trees?
I have seen Dishes pointing through Trees and it really depends on where its going through the tree.

Some installs I have seen an accecptable signal even during the summer and some installations I have seen with a signal fading in and out everytime a branch moves on the tree.

One thing is for sure, in the winter time its sure to work without a problem, if its in the summer time your just asking for problems!
Some satellite dishes look like they are pointed towards the trees when in fact the signal is actually above the trees. If there is enough space in between the trees (especially in the fall/winter when the leaves fall off) then you will have some of the signal try to come through that.

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