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Jan 6, 2009
I've spent about a week now with FTA, and I now have my stationary KU dish pointed at Galaxy 18. I really like a lot of the programming on G18, and I now the kinks out of the system (thanks to everyone here - I couldn't have done it without you.)

I'm getting ready to add a second, and possibly third LNB to pick up more sats. I was thinking about G27, or perhaps Anik F1R. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for favorite satellites with KU programming???


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Dec 26, 2006
That's like the 'best car' question, to me. Depends on what you want to watch. Don't know of anything on Anik F1R on ku other than the Canadian Parliament (yawn) . G27 has WhiteSprings TV which is ok for old movies and cartoons if you can put up with the pitiful video quality they usually have.
Adding lnbs to a small dish narrows the choices here since you won't have much of a spread to cover. Staying on G18, I think I'd have to go for Whitesprings or put up another dish or three lol . Or get a motor.


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
If you are looking for just English (or any other language), this page gives you a simplistic list.
It might be enough info to get you looking in the right direction.

Whitesprings on 129° is easy to get, but you may have to enter the data manually into your receiver.
Some won't detect it due to its slow data rate.

I favor the idea of adding more dishes. :)

Oh, and there was a thread around here a while back.. maybe even a poll, possibly in the FTA Shack, asking folks what bird they liked best.
Dig that up for more comments.

edit: oh, and the other obvious candidate for your dish, is NASA on 119° with a circular LNB.
Dish leaves it in the clear, as they do for Angel One, a religious channel.

But, that's not very many channels for two additional LNBs.
That's why I said I like the freedom offered by more dishes.
You can get another 36", or...
Check out some threads* describing use of a few of the larger DirecTV or Dish Network dishes.
They may not be good for every bird, but they make cheap play-toys.

Anole: size of DirecTV Slimline & Dish Network SuperDishes

Look Up shows pix of his DirecTV AT9 dish conversion for 97
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