AT&T drops DirecTV and U-verse prices, looks to slow declines

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  2. It seems to be just for new customers. They should do something for their established customers!!
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  3. “Good news for some folks.”

    ...if not their bottom line.

    Might help in the longer term. Might make it more appealing if they have to sell it.
  4. I see this as a step in the right direction. Hopefully they start lowering prices all across and give current customers a price reduction.
  5. and what company just drops prices for existing customers?
  6. Currently, up to a 4 room Genie system for $50 mo. bundled, price locked for 2 years.
    Going to $35 mo. for a 1 room Genie, locked in for 1 year. $7 each additional room.
  7. If they're worried about people leaving, wouldn't that make the most sense?
  8. maybe, if they are not under contract. but i have never heard of any company doing that
    that is what the retention department is for
  9. btw, i have said more than once they should just lower the prices across the board, and stop with the retention games and new sub promos
  10. And if they do lower prices on all packages let's say, you can be sure that other companies will, eventually.
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  11. Retention got more stricter these days, I think they will finally start giving in and start offering 2 year price lock like dish to try to retain folks, 1 year price lock is just not good enough.
  12. Considering that prices only rise once a year, your always in a one year price lock.
    Two year price lock would be nice for those that may be signing up, but it does nothing for the current subs.
  13. Now if the providers could just allow people to opt out of sports in exchange for a discount it would help solve the problem
  15. Like Dish’s Flex Pack?
  16. With Dish it's nice to be able to drop your locals and save $10.

    That only works if you can get your OTA channels. I'm glad we can.
  17. I called Directv and changed my package from xtra to a unadvertised package peferred xtra, Its $2 less and also you lose the regional sports fee. You lose the following sports channels. But from alot of post ive seen they add most back in a few days at no charge.
    Espn u
    Nfl network
    Mlb network
    Cbs sports
    Olympic ch
    And regionals

    You will gain some channels from ultimate package
    el ray
    Some sonic tap channels
    And also Hallmark movies and mystery

    Within a week they added back
    Espn u
    Cbs sports
    And one of my rsn’s Fox sports south

    Only sports missing now is
    And masn

    And dont have to pay rsn fees

    You will notice on your acct with a few days the channels added at $0
    Under recent transactions.
  18. If your only saving $2 whats the point ? (plus the RS Fee)
  19. This might happen soon, and ESPN knows it because they are coming out with their own streaming service.
  20. Yeah, I was gonna go Dish but comparing the price over two years vs Directv would come out to be the same if not barely any different if I were to sign up for Directv under a family member as a new customer. Only other option for me was going full cord cutting mode since charter is absolute crap when it comes to Dvrs and buying Tivo imo was too much of an investment.

    For now I am on DTV Now, sucks no cloud dvr yet and no locals but I don’t expect too much for paying $35 a month with free HBO. Cord cutting now is at 12 million people and I expect it to become bigger next year, they are putting a hurt on tradional providers that it made att introduce DTV NOW and Charter offering streaming service at $20 bucks a month.
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