Audio/video significantly out of sync on National Geographic (Ch. 197)


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Jan 5, 2023
Has anyone else noticed that for at least 3 weeks the audio and the video have been out of sync on Dish Channel 197 (National Geographic)? There's always a delay and whatever offset it is, it lasts for the duration of the show. At its worst there's been almost a full second lag between a person's lips moving and the words they are saying; at its best there's a tenth of a second delay. Many times I've simply quit watching the show because the unsynchronization has been so awful I couldn't stand it. How can this issue be raised to the attention of someone who actually has the ability to investigate and resolve? Thanks.
I have noticed, and posted in another thread, that the problem cropped up with the latest software update. If I hit pause and then hit Play or Live TV the audio will be out of sync. Sometimes changing the channel and then changing it back will resolve it but sometimes I have to shut it off and turn it back on to correct it. Very annoying.
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