Aware of the RabbitEars Outage


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Jun 21, 2008
Alexandria, VA, US
Good morning,

I am aware of the outage, and have no information to share at this time.

- Trip
I'm aware that it's down again.

This is the third outage in the last month. It appears there may be some kind of sporadic hardware issue but I've been unable to get any kind of error message to be able to diagnose it. Today's issue is particularly dumb. The server was being flaky but there was nothing in the logs that looked particularly helpful, so I decided to try rebooting to see if it would clear up, but it didn't come back up. I shouldn't have done that, and quite frankly, I should know better than to do that without someone handy to poke it for me if necessary.

Hoping to have it back up and running in the next few hours. Good news is that in the worst case, I do have a full backup from April 8, including the Live Bandscan data and coverage maps.

- Trip
Made a post about the recent issues on the RabbitEars Blog.

- Trip