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Dec 2, 2006
Pearisburg, Virginia
I have an Azbox Premium Plus with 2 tuners and internal 1TB Hard drive. One tuner is dedicated, presently, to a C-band dish. The other tuner is dedicated to Ku-band. Now, my question is:
Can I record a program from each tuner simultaneously? I would really like to know if anyone has tried this.
Well, 50 'views' and no comment. I expected at least someone would say 'Are you Nuts?" I guess I will try this and see if it works, not much to lose....
Thanks for the views....
I didnt even think the Azbox could USE two tuners, thought they didnt get the FW done for them. But if you have an internal HD, and the two programs you are trying to record arent too high bitrate, I don't see why it wouldn't work. but then, this is the Azbox we're talking about here. :cool:
I tried the record of both tuners this afternoon, and it would not let me start the second one without canceling the first on. I think that the internal HD will only take one input at a time. Later, I may try to record from the second tuner to the USB port... Just having fun...

I would have responded, but I missed your post.

I would have expected that you would not be able to record two programs simultaneously. You only have one internal HDD you know. However, I don't know if it might work if you had an external USB drive and an internal HDD and then tried it. It might allow you to do that. Maybe? Give it a try and report back. Of course, you have to explicitly define the destination device (HDD or USB device) for each program and they have to be different.


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