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Dec 3, 2005
I have a Dish 500 with the pro plus twin lnbfs, but it has sat around for a while without being used. When I hook it up (single cable to a separator) to my 722 box, the check switch function works fine & shows the 119 bird in port #1, 110 in #2 & nothing in #3. But when I try to aim the dish, all I can get is 119...when I change to 110, it just says wrong satellite no matter how much I adjust the dish's aim. I'm figuring it must be a bad lnbf, otherwise I wouldn't think the check switch function would work. Does that sound like the right diagnosis to you? What else should I check? Tomorrow I'll try the 'covering one side' trick & see what that yields, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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Oct 19, 2004
Lubbock, Texas
Cover the 110 lnb (the right one looking from behind the dish) and set your skew according to the D500 report for your zipcode.

Find the 119 satellite and make sure it locks in as 119.

Uncover the 110 lnb and run checkswitch, both should be there, if not the 110 lnb may be bad.

Checkswitch only tells you that the lnb is there, not if it is good or bad.

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