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I have AT250 and I added it for $10, as I have the rest of the News Pack, but as others have said, it is not great in SD. I had a free streaming version on BBC World, UK version a couple years back, and I liked it better, but unfortunately it went away. It had only a few UK ads too. The version we get on Dish is loaded too much with ads, but it is better than not having it. Dish should add it to AT250.
That's just the nightly BBC newscast.
BBC World News America (newscast) and BBC Newsnight is also offered. For what it's worth, BBC Newsnight has never been the same since Paxo retired. I think, those feeds services are still offered by KCET, Los Angeles exclusively and are not offered by PBS. Any public television station even though it's not PBS mmber stations, are allowed to carry those services. For some time the BBC World News anchors would annonce "and to our viewers on PBS in America." That was incorrect. It was later changed to "and to our viewers on public television stations in America" or something like that. As far as I know PBS does not provide any of the BBC World programming. of course the ding dongs at BBC World may have changed the greeting once again to say "and to our viewers on PBS in America." They don't really understand the distinction and the system in this country so it's an easy mistake for them to make. A public television station is not necessarily a PBS member station nor is a public radio station necessarily a National Public Radio member station.

on the other hand "Amonpour on PBS" is offered exclusively by PBS and for PBS member stations only. Of course that program as part of CNN International. further there is a lot of programming on PBS member stations that come from third parties and not part of PBS offerings. American public television is one such provider as well as others. I find it interesting that some of the most popular programs on public TV are not offered by PBS.

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