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Feb 7, 2008
Just a quick heads up- I can confirm this wasn't just me, because I tried to fix and was able to replicate the issue with a CSR in the chat with me while I did it. I ordered UFC 141 HD last night via the web, and got my confirmation on how it should be billed, etc. Tonight I go to set my recording, and it is asking me to buy the event.

I fired up the web chat, and the CSR tells me I have ordered it for 1/1. Except that this is two days late and pointless- I theorize I was just unable to read, and ask the CSR if they can switch the date for me (same price). The CSR says sure, and as I am looking at the ordering screen on a different tab, there isn't an option to order for 1/1. I go to re order the event still assuming I'm just a bit off, making sure to click the link specifying 12/30 with the CSR in the chat to confirm for me that the order went through correctly. When I do so it tells me I have already ordered this event, which is contrary to what my equipment and the CSR has told me. Long ish story short ish, I ordered from my remote and the CSR removed the screwed up version from the web ordering. I may just be late to the ordering PPVs party, as I had prior always done it via the automated phone system (just got the receiver and myself on the net a few weeks ago)

I could very well be an aberration because of my particular receiver (722) or software version or whatever, but be on your toes if you are ordering this event at least.


ps- sorry for the rambling.

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