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Jan 7, 2004
I want to get the playoffs in HD and want to know the best antenna to try with the 811. It has to be an indoor because at this time I can't do anything outdoors. Thanks for any help.

that link will help with distance from the antenna.

this is who i am trying to get
300° 29.2(milesaway) 4(freq assigned)
i bought the amplified deal at walmart and picked up most of the channels, but it was pretty ugly and I had to monkey around with it a lot

i dont think they are HD yet, but they are working on it by this superbowl. I am trying out antennas before I get a STB. problem is just like Lionel, cant put anything outside on the roof

BASICALLY: anyone have a similar distance to antenna and use an indoor or am I SOL? (also, i see that zenith is UHF and this is VHF(but i am guessing when they broadcast HD, they will broadcast on a higher channel [or am i way off>]

I had the Silver sensor for a while and it worked pretty well. I had to reorient it occasionally. I finally bought the Radio Shack outdoor UHF only antenna and it worked great on my Motorola OTA HD receiver.

Try the Zenith Silver Sensor

antennas Were made to be put outside and in air .
I live about 70 miles from New York City. I have been able to bring in ABC, CBS and Fox with the Silver Sensor but I have it connected to a radio shack amplifier before it goes to the 811. It is very directional so that you have to keep moving it and scanning for the best spot.
I have had good success with a Phillips/Magnavox amplified antenna around the outdoor dish from closeout at Wal-mart, $34. It connects to 2 lines after the switch. Towers are 48 miles but line of sight from my 7300 ft to their 10500 ft or so. I think this is the same as the Terk, $50. It comes with 2 (indoor) diplexors and it has the outdoor ones.
On my indoor silver sensor (Between LA and SD) I get LA CBS, SD CBS, SD KPBS, SD NBC, SD ABC, SD WB, and SD KUSI (our UPN doesn't broadcast this is the closet thing )

Fox is in TJ and thus it's hard for me to get. I have no amp yet. I wish I could get all LA channels w/o outdoor (apprently with outdoor I could get all LA channels) but the significant other won't allow me to 'deface the house'. :(
thanks ray -- although columbus ms and NYC have their differences.

bill, how far away were you from your stations tower?

thanks KKlare

EDIT -- ya, i rent so that is the whole deal with adding something outside. my landlord will prob let me put up the dish and all, but usally antennas dont look good --

I live in Buena Park, Ca I'm about 35 - 40 miles from towers. Pretty good line of sight just some trees in path.

I use the Silver sensor, about 20 miles south of the xmitters in D.C. metro area and get all of the locals. I also added an amplifier from Ratshack and on good days I'm able to get a couple stations from Baltimore.
Burlington NC

Does anyone live in the Burlington NC area and use an OTA antenna? If so what do you use and what channels do you get?
I live in Mebane, NC. I did the scan for digital channels and the 811 came up with 5 digital channels. However, when I try to view those channels, the 811 shows that the signals are not strong enough for a picture. Funny thing is they all stop at 49% signal strength. Is that what you are seeing? I'm not sure where my problem is at this time. Once I figure it out, I'll throw in another message.
Oops...I forgot to type in the antenna brand. It is a Terk TV55 indoor/outdoor antenna. It is located outdoors underneath an overhang on my porch. I will probably move it to my attic to give it more elevation to see if that helps. If that doesn't work, I'll be looking for a new antenna.
Winegard SS-1000 SquareShooter

Winegard just released a new small 16" square 4" thick antenna.

The gain patterns show that this is a superior antenna. It is best when mounted outside, but is can be mounted in an attic or a closet, with reduced gain. The high front/back ratios mean that this antenna will be resistant to multi-paths (ghosting with ntsc analog and drop-offs in HDTV). The 61 degree beam width means that it could easily be mounted on an outside wall just like the functionally poor and defunct "Walldo."

Standard indoor antennas have poor omni-directional gain patterns that really make them junk and unsable.

In certain areas, an amplifier may help.
Radio Shack #15-2185 in attic with 811 receiver - excellent!

I live in Saint Augustine/Jacksonville, FL area which is flat terrain. I am using the Radio Shack Cat # 15-2185 with my 811. It's pricey but it does an excellent job. I have the antenna mounted in the attic of a one story home and I get excellent reception on all local digital channels. I live 15 miles from the towers.

If you purchase this antenna, aim the antenna with the wings toward the tower. I had the nose cone facing the towers and it would not pick up all the channels. The design seems backwards. Good luck!
thebradybunch said:
My 811 and dish are suppose to be installed tomorrow. What OTA are you using? I am trying to decide which one to get. promised, I am reporting the channels I can receive in Mebane. First off, I figured out my problem. The diplexer for the antenna was bad. After installing a new one, I can receive the following channel in digital format:

Channel 2
Channel 4
Channel 5
Channel 12
Channel 48

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