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Feb 27, 2006
Livonia, Michigan
I have a TiVo. Been trying to cut the cord and have had a good run. I decided to get cheaper and I love the TiVo.

Problem is signal keeps changing. Wondering I just need a better antenna I'm well within distance and picture looks great, but still getting the stuttering
Stuttering or lagging and pixelation. Also screen goes black then returns.
From your questionable description of problem I would guess you have a weak signal. Blocking in the picture a brief black screen and freezing of audio means the tuner doesn't have enough signal.

Where are you what DMA? What stations are you receiving? How about a tvfool report? What are you using for an antenna now?
For the most part my signals are over 50 now, so I think I've found a good spot for the antenna.

Their called Dropout's azz lost signal what is your tvfool report say maybe try an amp like a channel master 7778 should work how old is the antenna that you are useing and what kind is it ,?
I recommend buying a full-range antenna that works with UHF as well as VHF high and VHF low. This almost universally excludes mud flap style antennas and probably most of the models that incorporate something that looks like an oven rack.

Visit and put in your full antenna location. It will show you what should be available and associate a color with each station (green -> yellow -> red). From there, we can make suggestions. Using Livonia as an address shows that it shouldn't take much of antenna.

Something else you need to know: Your major networks other than Fox are going to be moving to new, lower frequencies as part of the federally mandated "repack" so you should use some care in making your choice. The fact that you already have a VHF high station (WBJK) and so many stations are going to have to move down suggests that VHF low is likely.
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