Beyonce in HD ! Does it get....

They have been playing some good concerts lately.

The other night I watched a Lyle Lovett concert, and while the guys does not have the face for HDTV (or for TV for that matter) he put on a hell of a show! I was not a fan of Lyle Lovett but his performace impressed me.

I also saw the Counting Crows concert and again ended up liking the band because of their concert on VOOM.

I am REALLY starting to like VOOM! :)
Scott.. I agree.. I like RAVE..after one day... There is a Peter Cetera / Amy Grant concert premieres Friday. The RAVE PQ is terrific.... I can take Beyonce for a while! Even the Jessica Simpson filler video was good.... ;)
If you haven't seen the Bobby McFerrin concert (yes, the don't, worry be happy guy) you're missing out. It's actually an entertaining show. In fact, after watching it with my wife, she said, "I like this Zoom". Fine with me ...
A one and a two and a three...

I can't wait for the upconverts of Lawrence Welk to air. :p
Seriously, I saw a Chris Isaak concert the other day and enjoyed it. Rave is becoming one of my favorite channels. Good mix of music genres.
most of these artists dont get to where they are unless they have something to offwer. I have heard Lyle Lovett is a great performer. Now I'm looking forward to Vooming him also. A hi def picture,5.1 sound and a talented performer are an enjoyable combination. I was not a James Taylor OR Barry Maninow fan until I saw thier HDNet shows. Both were great! I'm not gonna start a Barry Manilow cd collection but I give him much respect and now I know why he is as big as he is. The guy is definitely a showman and has a great voice and some catchy tunes. Basically all these channels will open you up to new things--isnt that why we are all here?? To be quite honest, though I would not have watched either of these in standard def.

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