BIG Audio & Video Problems with 722 DVR



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Nov 6, 2008
I recently upgraded to a 722 dvr but I have been having problems with the thing.

Some times the audio just goes out, i change channels HD and normal and all is the same, even with my recordings. I have to do a hard reset and it all comes back to normal. Some other times the screen and audio goes and the screen is all black no sound and no picture throughout the channels. Same remedy: do a hard reset of the thing and it all comes back to normal.

This happens every day after long times of stand by, as long as i'm using it and surfing through the channels i have no problems.

Any body else having this problem? Dish Technical dpt tells me that they are aware of the problem and the software guys are working on it but they still do not know the cause hence the date to be fixed!

I am getting tired of reseting every time, the thing takes forever to be back up and running.

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