Big oops on Dish this morning


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Sep 20, 2005
San Jose, CA
There was a big opps on Dish this morning about 10:30 PDT.

While I was watching TV, all of sudden the picture froze, went black, then come back onto a Pay Per View channel. When I went to the guide, there was nothing there except for all the PPV channels and a couple of minor streaming channels. I thought “What on earth?!?!”. I logged into my MyDish account which told me that my account was cancelled! What!?!? I instantly called Dish which at first didn’t understand what I was telling them and tried to get to reboot endless times, did you pay your bill (of course), when did you last have service (five minutes ago), blah, blah, blah. Once the CSR understood what the event was, he took my receiver ID and put me on hold to go see what was going on with my account. After coming back from being on hold for several minutes for four more rounds, the CRS admitted that there had been a “mistake” at the “back end” (his words) and that they are trying to get things restored as quickly as possible. Several more rounds of being on hold, then “are you still there, let me put you on hold again for a few minutes”, everything was back. About a 20 minute fire drill. With a bit of sly intuition, I asked the CSR “was this event just me or were there others that got hit too”. The CRS hesitated a bit then meekly said “yea, there were a few”. I suspect the “few” was more than just a dozen or so few. It took the rest of the afternoon to get all of guide info back and restore all my timers (multiple reboots, resets, etc.).

The to top it all off, I had several friends call me (folks I’ve installed systems for in the past) in a panic about what happen with Dish, and then went on to describe exactly what I experienced. None of them called Dish but just waited for about 20 or so minutes for there account to be restored. Since I called Dish the instant this happened, I suspect my call was what alerted Dish and started the restore. One friend actually got an e-mail that said his account was cancelled effective from Sept 10th 1999! Time Machine?

I don’t know how wide this event was. Was it system wide, regional, local, I don’t know. But I’d be curious if anyone else experienced this.

What a circus and was very weird. But at the same time, a bit humorous.
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