birdog can it be used without battery?

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Jul 19, 2014
Can the birdog still be used with a power connector, meaning with no battery?

Can the birdog be used without the battery? Just having the ac plug or dc?
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You know I have a Birdog and wore one out and used one for years when I was installing for DISH and Directv, sat inet, etc. However, I never tried to run one with the A/C cord when the battery died. I usually could plug it up at the customers house, for a few while I took a break and it would charge enough for the job. Good question though. If I get a chance later today I will try it with mine if you get not answers.
Please do as i tried with my old one and the display flasched and did not work. My old one works with battery only. If ur does work then i know i have a problem.
My Birdog Ultra will only work with the battery installed and charged and will automatically go into charging mode when plugged in. The batteries do fail and at least in the case of the Ultra, need to be replaced with an OEM battery. I have had my Ultras repaired several times and the battery was usually the cause.
Please reply by conversation.

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