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Jan 15, 2011
Finally placed an order for the Openbox S10 receiver. Its been 5+ years since the last time I bought an FTA receiver so hopefully ill be happy with it. I dont care about the recording stuff, but just mainly the S, S2, and HD blind scan capability. l'll have to deal with the pid entry via the editing program but at least that way I can resort the channels a lot easier.

Now to get around to getting my three other dishes up and pointed. :)

FaT Air

HOA Free Zone
Feb 27, 2010
97W 48N
I'm very happy with my S9. A working timer would have been nice, but for the price [it was cheaper than my Pansat 3500SD], can't complain at all. Only had to enter PID's on the one mux on 91W.
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