BlueDo: Alternative UHF remote for 322/522 IR-only remote #1


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Sep 26, 2003
Someone briefly mentioned this gem in another topic, but the BlueDo RR-X200 might be just the ticket to replace the IR-only #1 remote. With something like this you should be able to really hide the 322 or 522 away somewhere out of sight.

It's a slick design... you put this gizmo in to replace one of your AA batteries in the remote (it uses an "N" cell, which is shorter than a AA but about the same diameter). The gizmo senses the current changes as your IR emitter pulses on and off and sends an RF signal back to its base station receiver of the button you are pressing.

The base station has an IR blaster and includes (I think) wired blasters to put in front of equipment.

The BlueDo web page above also mentions that they are working on a AAA battery-sized version that should be available soon.

I can't find it on their website but I believe I read elsewhere that the range is 100ft, similar to the "original" Dish UHF remotes (not the newer UHF Pro versions, which claim 200ft.)

You can also buy additional transmitters which could be put into the battery compartment of other remotes (VCR, universal remote,etc.) Be sure to check out their page as it appears there is one remote (Philips Pronto widescreen) that it does not work well with but appears to with all others.
Oooooo, that sounds like it won't work. I don't see how it sensing current changes in the battery compartment can be translated into RF pulses, does it take into consideration that you have normal LEDs on the remote that would generate a current drop?

Also, the link provided does not work.
I hide 322/522 receivers all the time. I just make the customer buy a uhf remote for each tv1 from me. I just posted how to make it work in another thread.
I've had one of these for several months. I'm using it with my receiver's remote. It works pretty well. The version that works with AAA batteries has been out for a while now, its the RR-X300. I've been thinking about picking up just the adapter sleeve since the new model is supposed to be backward compatible with the old. I think it should work okay with the Dish remotes, since I have a small LED on my receiver remote too. According to BlueDo's website, the remotes that have problems are the ones with large LCD touchscreens.
What if you put one in a UHF remote? Does that help the range or reliability of the commands from the remote to the receiver? Do they make any that has a range longer than 100 feet?
Stargazer said:
What if you put one in a UHF remote? Does that help the range or reliability of the commands from the remote to the receiver? Do they make any that has a range longer than 100 feet?

I don't know of any that would give you longer range. If anything the range may be just slightly less. I haven't tried it, but it should work fine with the IR modes of a UHF remote though. I'm not sure I understand the question about reliability. The remote extender just transmits the signal to its base station via UHF. The base station then emits the proper IR signal. It's not really any more or less reliable than the Dish UHF remotes. Hope that answers the question.

What I mean by reliability is where the commands sometimes do not work when your in a fringe area barely getting the signal from the remote to the receiver having to point it in a particular area.

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