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Dec 20, 2003
Love the site. I have been a long time reader, and this is my first post.
I had my superdish installed today 12-19-03, to receive my local channels. The question I have, is from all the reading on this site, It seemed to me that the locals in boise had been moved from 105 to 121. I mentioned it to my installer and he hadn't heard anything about it. So it pointed it at 105 and it works fine. So maybe someone out there can clear it up for me. Was I wrong or was the installer an Idiot???lol. Thanks guys.

Jayson Cook 8)
The installer was (more than likely) an idiot. Boise, Missoula, Madison and Albany all launched to 105°. But in late November, they were turened on at 121° (this is only a week or two after they were launched). Dish decided to leave them on both locations during a transitional period. But I think that the second week of Janyary, 105° will no longer carry these cities and they will only be visible at 121°.

At this point, the big channel list page is down (along with the rest of the DBSTalk domain), but when it comes back up, you can check it out at

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Thanks Tony. I figured that is what happened. So what should I do?? Is the equipment the same?? Could I just go up and adjust it to 121?? or should I call dish and let them know what happened??

Call Dish and let them know what happened. They will send out someone to swap out the LNB assembly (thats what has to be done)..You cant just repoint it due to the 105 LNB being on the right (if your in front of the dish) and it has to be on the left (for 121)

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