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Jan 23, 2012
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Anyone else having issues with the boomerang network (channel 130 here) - the video is pausing for me.

Check out this horrible support:

Customer ChatChat Transcript
You have been connected to TTD Lindsay .
TTD Lindsay : Hi, S! Good day! Thank you for contacting Charter Communications. I'm Lindsay. How can I help you?
SS: Hi, we are having the same problem as last time with the DVR box.
SS: The video is pausing / freezing.
SS: It seemed like it was ok for a few days after the tech came, but the new box he put in is having the same problem now.
TTD Lindsay : I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your cable service reception, S. I certainly know how frustrating it is to experience this problem. Don't worry. I will check if there's a system issue that's causing this problem. If none, I will perform basic troubleshooting; but if the problem is non-repairable, then we will be setting up an appointment for you.

I would like to ask you some questions so we will be able to identify and resolve your issue.
TTD Lindsay : S, may I know if all channels are affected?
SS: let me double check if you can wait a couple minutes
TTD Lindsay : Sure, S!
TTD Lindsay : I can wait.
TTD Lindsay : Please take your time.
SS: ok, it looks like it may only be channel 130 boomerang
TTD Lindsay : Thank you for checking.
TTD Lindsay : S, may I know if you have more than one TV? If so, are all TVs affected by this issue?
SS: yes, and it looks like on both tv's same issue channel 130
TTD Lindsay : S, does the tiling only occur when changing channels?
SS: no. when watching
TTD Lindsay : S, thank you for the information.
TTD Lindsay : Please use your TV remote control and verify if the TV is on the correct input by pressing the Input, Source, or TV/Video button.

S, kindly make sure that the TV is on Channel 3 or Channel 4 depending on the system.
If not, change the TV to the correct channel.
SS: yes, that's all fine. there appears to be an issue with channel 130.
TTD Lindsay : Alright. I have checked for possible service interruptions in your area and do not show any ongoing service-related issues posted on your account. Please perform the following basic troubleshooting steps to make sure that this is not a temporary signal issue. Please unplug the cable box from the electric outlet, wait for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. While doing this, please make sure that the connections are tightly fit since loose wires can also affect the signal that goes to your box.
TTD Lindsay : S, I will wait for two to three minutes while you perform the troubleshooting steps I gave you. In case it would take you longer to do the process, please let me know so I can continue to wait.
SS: since it affects 4 boxes, should I be unplugging all 4 of them?
TTD Lindsay : Yes. Please do. Since the problem affects all your cable boxes, I am very sorry, but Charter does not control the programming that is displayed on a network. The network can change the programming at any time and sometimes do not update guide services of the changes in time. Please contact the network for your concerns. Please reboot the cable box to make sure that the problem is not from Charter's end.
SS: ok
TTD Lindsay : Thank you, S.
TTD Lindsay : I appreciate you for taking time to perform the troubleshooting steps.
TTD Lindsay : S, are you still with me in this chat session?
TTD Lindsay : May I know the status of Boomerang Channel?
SS: yes
SS: the dvr is still loading / booting
SS: ok, still pausing
SS: i think it's a problem with the channel though, since it's on all tv's ?
TTD Lindsay : Yes, S. I agree with you. This is a programming problem.
TTD Lindsay : May I know if the box is still loading/
TTD Lindsay : May I know if the box is still loading?*
SS: no, its on channel 130 and still pausing
SS: (has the problem still)
TTD Lindsay : S, please contact the network to further assist you with this problem.
SS: I would not even know how to do that
SS: I am paying Charter to provide the channel, why would you not contact them if there is an issue with their feed to you?
TTD Lindsay : You can search for the contact information of Boomerang Network.
TTD Lindsay : Unfortunately, we do not have an update yet about the Boomerang channel.
TTD Lindsay : You will be updated once we receive information from them.
SS: Can you at least confirm that there IS a problem with boomerang?
TTD Lindsay : I
TTD Lindsay : I'm sorry, but we do not have a confirmation yet that there is a problem on the network. What I can do for you is to send a technician to your house.
SS: I wonder if it's possible for someone there to turn on Boomerang network on a tv and check?
TTD Lindsay : As much as I want to help you, we can only send the signal from our end to make sure all the channels under your cable subscription work.
SS: Sure, I understand. So can you check that the signal you are sending for channel 130 is working?
SS: Or maybe ask someone to?
TTD Lindsay : Yes. I sent the signal and it did not work. It means that it's not the signal problem. We are from Video Support Department so we will be the one to handle this kind of problem for you, S.
SS: So what did not work, and what is the problem?
TTD Lindsay : I'm going to send a technician to identify the problem for you.
SS: Is there someone else I can talk to?
TTD Lindsay : May I know who you want to speak with?
SS: Someone who can check to see if Channel 130 is functional on the Charter cable TV.
TTD Lindsay : I can see that Channel 130 is part of your channel lineup.
TTD Lindsay : You should be able to access it because you have Expanded Basic package which this channel belongs.
SS: Yes, as I explained, I can see video on channel 130, however it has a problem - the video is pausing. It's happening on multiple tv's, but not on other channels. SO that means the feed you are sending me must have a problem. Can you verify that by having someone look at a TV with channel 130 off the feed in my area?
TTD Lindsay : Yes. I can certainly do that for you by setting up an appointment for a technician to check if there's a problem on your equipment or the cable lines at the pole.
SS: Can you tell me that a problem with the pole or line would impact only ONE channel, or that there is a problem with ALL my brand new installed equipment impacting only ONE channel?
TTD Lindsay : Since all equipment are affected, the problem could be from the cable lines or from the network. To verify the problem, a technician is needed to check it for you.
SS: Before I can stay home from work to wait for a tech, I want to know if you or someone at Charter can verify that there is NO video issue with channel 130 by viewing the channel on my area feed.
TTD Lindsay : I'm sorry to inform you that we are unable to contact the network to see the problem is coming from the feed in your area.
TTD Lindsay : The best thing that I can do for you is by sending a technician to check the cable lines at the pole.
SS: Ok I guess...

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