RSNs are only available to the local market of which they reside. The multisports pack allows access to all or most out of market RSNs, but professional games will be blacked out, and this is for SD RSNs only.

Since Dish only offers HD RSNs as game only channels, this means that those outside the local market will not be able to see any part of an HD RSN, except for those occasions where a game goes past its broadcast window
We need some exciting news. I've been thinking things were getting boring myself. I was trying to think of a thread to start the other day that would be interesting but I drew a blank.
One thing I am finding interesting (if not confusing) is a number of people I deal with at DISH are telling me to remember the word "HOPPER"

I have no idea what that means though.
That's a tough one. There is a flash game by that name, and of course the bin and everything related to bins. I can't believe Dennis Hopper has anything to do with this. Or rabbits either. There is a town in IL and another in AR by that name. And there was a reusable launch vehicle and orbiter proposed by the ESA but (so far as I can tell) never made it past concept stage. My idea ex nihilo: a form of spread spectrum broadcasting? Beyond that I'm drawing a blank.

lets see another documentary station we can watch in glorious upscaled HD.

or they are adding all those documentaries to BBMP.

honestly, the Dennis Hopper channel sounds good to me.
Now the "boring" thread has turned into sports B thread. NOW THAT REALLY IS BORING. :D

well would you rather have another "when is Fearnet coming" thread or the infamous "when is Dish gonna add a mythical HD channel that doesnt exist" post by bluegras?

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