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Jan 7, 2012
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A bit of a ramble here, but I really could use some advice. Long time Dish Network user (1998). All in all, no big complaints. But it's geting expensive. Like $125.00/mo and no premium channels. When you add in Comcast high speed Internet at $75.00, and an ATT land line for $60.00, you're staring at a big chunk. My brother moved in 2 doors away and got Uverse for tv and Internet only. Uverse Internet is much slower than Comcast. He got Magic Jack for the phone (new version) but it can't fax (at least he can't make it). So I see this flyer for "The Ultimate Bundle" for $90.00 for first 12 months. Directv, Internet, and ATT phone. This is not Uverse. I think the ATT landline folks run this bundle. Even if it doubles for the second year, it's still a helluva lot cheaper than what I have. So does Directv offer the ability to add on hard drives, something I really use? It says it's a whole house DVR (I have a 922, 722, 211). I like the Sling capability of the 922, but I wouldn't miss it. I'd like to wait for the Hopper, as it seems to bring some new features. So what do you all think?


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With DirecTv you can add a bigger external hard drive, but you will have to just use the external drive. You can't move shows from the internal drive to the external or use both together.
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