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Mar 5, 2005
If I were to purchase a 622 can I install it myself?

I currently have a 522 and 322. Would any more be required to do the install than just swapping out the Dish with a Dish 1000 and swapping out one of the receivers? I would not need any additional wires or anything would I?

Would I need to buy anything other than a dish 1000 for $87 dollars and a 622 for $649? Any other cost in doing it myself?

Would I have any commitment then?

I had made up my mind I was going to ditch the dish and go back to cable to save money but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. I had cable installed 5 days ago with a HD DVR. I still have not canceled dish. After using cable for the last few days I am now more torn than ever over which way to go. The biggest issues I have with Dish is having to pay $299 for the right to rent a HD DVR and no locals in HD this year even.

In Dishes Favor
Picture quality is far superior on dish. The digital part of cable is just as good as are the HD channels but the first 77 channels that are analog look horrible.
I like the ability to set up channel list on the dish receivers to where I can just block out all the music,shopping and other channels I never watch
I like the on screen caller ID
Charters SA 8300 DVR is no match to even the 522 DVR and the 622 is even better than the 522. The charter SA 8300 is just very basic.
I like being able to watch something DVRed in either of two locations

In Cables favor
HD locals
No up front cost. To get a 622 and an OTA antenna for locals I am looking at spending around $500
No commitment. Say I lease a 622 and 6 months from now for reasons beyond my control like being hurt in an accident and not being able to work or getting laid off I can no longer afford to pay $100 a month for TV service and need to cancel. With an 18 month commitment I would just be out the $299 lease fee and another $160 for early termination. This is what got me looking at buying a 622 as I figure then I could just Ebay the 622.
Call center people that speak English as their first language

Now that I look at what I wrote I guess I just need to decide if I want to come off the money as Dish is definitely the better service.

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