Can Anyone Explain My Latest Bill?


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Before I call customer service I wanted to see if anyone could explain why I'm getting prorated charges?
The past two billing cycles I called loyalty trying to get some sort of a deal for a year or two since my previous deal had expired.
Each time they could 'nt do anything but give me a large one time discount.Calling in every month is a PITA so that 's why I was looking for a long term deal.
Then I got the attached bill which is way bigger than usual.I do understand that packages went up (again) but I guess I don't understand why the proration affects the bill so much.
Thanks for any help.-Tyler
PS-Yes I know I'm a day late with my query.
MyDISHBill_2023-09-24.pdf - Google Chrome 10_9_2023 12_55_27 PM.png
Best I can determine judging what you paid last month, and the pro-rated credit - They are giving you a $77.99 credit on the Top 200, but mistakenly then added back the $102 so charged twice for it. One without a pro rate and once minus the pro rate.
If you were a customer calling in with that bill, once the prorated things were sorted out, I'd go over your package to see if there's simply a cheaper pack.

Unless it's a LOT of channels that you watch that aren't in the lower pack, I'd recommend seeing if the Flex pack (with maybe a few additional channel packs for those few that you're missing) might give you what you want at a much lower rate.