Can DVR 522 and HD Recevier 211 Coexist on the same network? (1 Viewer)


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May 1, 2006
I currently have the older HD DVR (MP2)and the HD 811 receiver. I will be upgrading the the DVR to the DVR 622 so that I can get the latest HD package (MPG4). I am told that if I have the DVR 622 I am not able to upgrade the HD 811 to the HD 211 receiver and I must use the second receiver on the DVR 622 with the second tv and will not be able to view new HD (MP4) content. Is this correct? Can I not have both 622 and 211 on the same network/house to watch the latest HD (MP4) content?

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Jul 8, 2004
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622 tuner one side is the only side that will show hd content in hd, tuner two outputs in sd but will show recorded hd content, just not in hd. You can upgrade your 811 to a 211 either on a lease or a direct purchase and you can have both in your house at the same time.


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May 1, 2006
keithmo69, I think the problem you are having here is not a technical limitation but a Dish Network business rule. Probably when you called to get your upgrade the CSR ran an upgrade application through for you and the result was a maximum of two tuners on the upgrade. The 622 has two tuners itself so you wouldn't be able to upgrade to a 622 and 211 at the same time because that would total three tuners. So your most likely options are:

1) If you want to keep your DVR service you could use the the 622 in one room and keep the 811 for the second room.


2) You could upgrade both your receivers to 211's but then you wouldn't have the DVR feature anymore.

If you do go with the 622 and 811 option you can probably do another upgrade at a later time to switch the 811 to a 211 but then you'll end up paying another upgrade fee.


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Feb 26, 2006
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Try "CSR Roulette", i.e., call in multiple times until you get a more favorable answer - works for some, YMMV. Ultimately this situation will change when the supply of M4 IRDs catches up with demand, which is still high. In the interim, aaronhoes' "1)" should work for you - you'll still be able to receive all the M2 content on the 811. A third option - I think you can activate the 622 now with a 211 if you buy the 211. I don't recommend that but I believe it's an option...

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