Can get 61.5 but not 72.7


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Oct 5, 2019
We had a big storm last night and it blew my tripod over - anchored and all. The "fold around" corner of the dish is bent. I set it back up and ended up going through a complete setup to get any satellite signal at all. Finally got 61.5 to come in, however it is considerably weaker on the lower transponders than the higher ones. I can''t get 72.7 at all. I have clear skies so no obstructions. Pretty sure I don't have the LNBs mixed up - from the back of the dish the one on the right is 61.5, right? I can't help but wonder if the dish is warped, although I can't see it if it is. Any tips on what I can try next?


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Adjust skew. But you may be in the market for a new dish

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