Can I activate a 322?


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Jan 19, 2004
If I buy a 322 receiver will I be able to activate it? I heard you can activate them but I also heard there will be a cut off date when they stop activating them.Can someone help me on this ? I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere.
John Corn said:

I emailed dish network about this and this is what I got back.

(We are not able to activate this receiver for you. The 322, at this time is only available for new customers under the Digital Home Plan promotion. I am un-sure when we will be offering the 322 to our existing customers.)

They were going to activate it if I already bought it but since I didn't already buy it they would not activate it.So if you want a 322/522 maybe it's best to buy it first then maybe they will activate it if you throw a fit.
I activated mine about 2 weeks ago with no problems although the CSR asked where I got it and how much I paid. I told the guy that I bought it from an authorized dish dealer and that was all I said. He then tried to get me to tell him which authorized dealer that I got it from for about 5 minutes. I just said I didn't see why that mattered and if he could provide me with a valid reason I might tell him. He responded that he was just curious cause he wanted to get one. So I asked him where he was located and then I told him the dealer wasn't even close to his state and to try and find a local dealer to sell him one. He dropped it at that and said I would love the 522 and have a nice day. Hoping now that I have a 522 on my account I can activate another fairly easy. I would actually like to have 4 or 5 of these things.....I could have TV in every room and even out in the shop working. Like I need 10 different TV's working but wouldn't it be cool???
I told them I was now thinking of getting all of my programming from Directv which I also have so I can get MLB extra innings and YES but I don't know if they really cared. They just said they were sorry they couldn't help me. To me they do things pretty stupidly at times, not thinking of the customer.Like superdish,dish pro,legacy,uhf pro remotes all this different non compatible stuff so you have to keep upgrading.Good for them ,bad for the customer!!!!!
Joe236 said:
I would actually like to have 4 or 5 of these things.....

Joe, you might want to think carefully about this if you are actually planning to buy more. I think Charlie said in one of the chats that each account would be limited to two of the 322/522 receivers.
Yeah that is true he did say something about limiting to 2 per account but that was on DHA(DHP or whatever it is called.) Heck he also said that any non-DHP customers couldn't activate these receivers and there are many of us non-DHP that have these activated with no problems. Honestly to me it seems as if Charlie don't care anymore about anything.
I expect that they are trying to avoid another 811 disaster by allowing anyone to get the 322/522s. I would expect them to open up to all subs in a few months once supply is built up enough.
He was limiting it to two as the mount of receivers you get under the promotion. I am not sure if they will let you buy another one to activate it under that promotion or not. When they become available for existing subscribers you will be able to only activate three because each has two tuners for a total of six tuners in which is all that is allowed on an account.
Actually the limit is not 6 tuners it is 6 receivers. I am not sure if they will change the limit, but I have 6 receiver on my account right now(4 - 7200, 1 - 522, 1 - 2700) which is 7 tuners. I have somewhat confirmed this theory by asking if it is possible and was told yes. But I didn't have 5 other 522, or 721, or any other dual tuner receivers to activate or I would have tried. This day and age you have a tv in every room. Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathroom, Garage, and Sheds.
Actually the limit is not 6 tuners it is 6 receivers.

Correct, currently I have a 921,522,322,301 and a 2700. 6 receivers is the suposed limit, obviously 6 tuners is not since I already have 8 tuners total now.

Dish Network has told me that it is 6 tuners (actually 6 tuners that outputs to another tv). A 721 and 921 has two tuners each but only outputs to one tv so it only counts as one instead of two for each one.
Well I don't know wish is true but my configuration listed above is 7 tuners to 7 different TVs. I have no dual tuner receivers to the same TV so they either told you wrong or I am lucky. Although I added the 6 receiver tonight and had no problems. I also confirmed again while I was one the phone if I could get another 522 on my account to replace another one of my 7200 like I did with the first 7200. Like it has been said in earlier post each CSR interprets the rules different or just don't take the time to find out or whatever. If what I did was wrong it should have told them not to let me activate anymore receivers.
Perhaps if you had five tuners and was adding a dual tuners then the computer will actually let you add the sixth and seventh. Maybe it is a computer glitch. I do hope that it is six receivers even if they have dual tuners. That would give some twelve different tuners. Even though most would not have twelve tv's to connect them to here are the advantages - each person could have PIP without a PIP television, there could be 8 tv's with four of them having PIP, you could have some type of channel modulator that would put each receiver to a particular channel to where you could just turn the channels on your tv giving you a choice of 12 different favorite channels, LOTS of storage for your shows, among other things I may not be thinking of.

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