Can I align 1000.4 with Digisat 2?


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Jan 11, 2012
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I've been searching and reading but can't exactly find an answer to this one. I have a VIP 722 DVR receiver and had two dishes here in Nashville. 61.5 and a dish 500 with 110/119. I lost a lot of my HD channels and was told to install the 1000.4 Eastern Arc dish to replace everything. Since I had a 61.5 pointing in that direction already with a clear line of sight and a good signal I figured I'd go for it.

So long story short I have a father and an uncle 3 hours away that both deal in Satellites. One sent me a Digisat ii / Digisat 2 meter and said I can try the foil on the two outside feed horns on the LNBF along with the meter and I should be able to peak using the 72.7 feed if I use the meter inline with the receiver. The other one says that meter won't work and I need to find someone with a better meter like a local installer. I have the dish mounted and ready to roll, tried using the receiver at 61.5 and transponder 13 and got nowhere. Meter is in the mail but wanted to know if I would be wasting another day and see what the popular opinion was.

Yea that dish is hard to point without the proper (expensive)meter.
I know cuz I have done it before when my birddog conked out
Its not Impossible but takes a long time. (trial and error)
if your switch test result (last set-up installed) is DPP and has the EA birds "saved" the point dish screen meter will help
If not I'm pretty sure you will have to run a switch test before the onscreen meter will help much
the dish seems to point way further to the west then you think it would
pointing new out of the box receivers sucks as they come default to look for the 119
I personally would go for the 61.5 first
Thanks hudgreen,

My old setup did indeed have 61.5 on it so I tried to align it with the receiver at first without doing a check switch. Fought with that for a few hours and never could get anything (I think I still hear that tone in my head o_O ) Did a check switch with nothing connected to clear everything out and then connected back to LNB and did another check switch. The received did say it was a 1K4 switch but I still couldn't tune in to 61.5 transponder 13.

I'll try the foil on the other two horns and leave the 61.5 off first when the meter comes in (prob tomorrow). I can hear the audio signal strength meter on my surround sound from where I'm adjusting the dish but was unsure of how much a delay there is on that thing. If I get a signal on 61.5, then run a check switch, should I finish fine tuning with the digisat 2 or try fine tuning with the audio signal? Got a feeling it may be a little of both : )

Thanks again for the help!
I have done many eastern arc dishes just using a cheap radio shack meter. No hard to do. Here in Nebraska I just hook meter up and point the dish almost east. Listen to the tone. The first tone is strong as I swing dish to the south slowly the second tone a little weaker..This is the sat I am looking for. I fine tune it and then run switch test. 95% of the time I am right on. BTW I hook the cable to the first port on the LNBF.
I'm thinking about trying to tackle a 1000.4 just to see if I can.

If you get it to work aciddream, how about posting about it?

I'm a little North of Nashville so this interest me.

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