Can I get a HD DVR and keep my 522 DVR? (1 Viewer)


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Nov 18, 2004
Can I get a HD DVR and keep my 521 DVR?

My wife decided to rearrange the rooms in the house. Pretty much turned our family room (where the satellite wires come into the house) into a play room and turned our living room into a family room (where the HDTV is).

Right now, I have the 521 DVR sitting in the playroom connected to a TV for the kids since that is where the satellite wires are coming into the house. I then have coax cable going under the crawl space into the living room where the HDTV is located. I have that coax going from TV2 on the 521 receiver to the back of the TV.

Okay...problem #1...I can no longer listen to my satellite TV programs through my stereo speakers because I don't have a 100 ft digital optical cable to make it all the way from the receiver in the family room to the receiver in the living room.

Problem #2...we have plaster walls. Apparently, that metal mesh in the walls likes to play havoc on the remote control (which must travel through three of these walls...and yes I have the antenna up on the 521 receiver to get a signal.

Problem #3...I have a HD TV without a HD DVR

So here's my thought...would it be possible to get a new HD DVR in the living room (hooking it up with the coax cable that is connected to the 521 DVR receiver running underneath the house) along with keeping my leased 521 DVR?

I want to keep my current DVR to record shows for the kids in the play room. This would also solve our problem with the remote control since the HD DVR would be in the same room now as the TV. And it would allow me to finally get HD channels on my TV.

Will Dish allow me to have two DVRs if I only have two TVs?

Will their be signal degradation on the HD channels because I have coax cable running from the 521 receiver to the HD DVR (or will the HD DVR take care of that)?

Thanks for your input.
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Sep 4, 2005
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sure you can add another receiver. Dish doesnt care about how many tv's you have.
The cabling will need to change as you are adding a receiver and that will need to be connected to a switch or the dish. Your installer will be able to work that out for you .

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