Can I sell my free DVR510 without penalty from E*?



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Nov 5, 2003
Question: I signed up for the free DVR510 offer with the 2 year Top 50 agreement. Now that the 921 is out (sort of) I was thinking of selling the 510 to help pay for the 921.

Can I sell my 510 without penalty from E*? It is my understanding that I only agreed to keep Top 50 and did not actually agree to keep the 510 or pay for the PVR fee for 2 years.

Am I correct?

You can sell the 510, its yours to do as you want, as long as you keep the top 50 package.

Someone was asleep at Echostar when they came up with these hardware upgrades packages.

I know a few people how got 811's and turned around and sold them on ebay for a tidy profit.
Better read your contract/s closley...Was it a DHP promotion? Dish ties the receiver to the promotion...but IMHO it is not yours to sell.
There is no contract for the free 510 upgrade which was offered.

This is not a DHP plan where Dish Network owns the equipment, this instead was a equipment upgrade promotion.
There still are conditions with the upgrade and a claim form presented with those conditions. He still would be disconnecting the receiver..what Dish would do or can do will depend on how far into his 2 year agreement he is.
He is still keeping his service which is the requirement of the upgrade.

Again what he does with the equipment he owns is up to him. :)
The wording of the agreement is if you disconect the 510 you will have to pay the penalty fee.
Here is the agreement.

I see nothing about having to keep the 510, only that you keep the programming.

Am I just not seeing something here. :) (Hey its New Years Day, you are allowed to have a hangover!) :D

CUSTOMER (customer’s account must have been activated for the first time on or before November 1, 2002)

In consideration for receiving a free or reduced rate on a DISH Player-DVR satellite TV receiver, you agree to subscribe to AT50 (currently $24.99/mo.), DISH

Latino (currently $21.99/mo.), or a higher basic programming package for 24 consecutive months from the date of activation and enroll in Credit Card Auto-Pay

(CCA) (or you may pay DISH Network a one-time fee of $24.95 in lieu of CCA enrollment), between October 27, 2003 and January 31, 2004. An additional

monthly fee of $4.98 for Digital Video Recorder ("DVR") functionality applies to each DISH Player-DVR 510 receiver activated on your account unless you

subscribe to America’s "Everything" Pak in which case there is no monthly fee. You agree that if within 12 months of activation you elect to terminate

or downgrade service below the minimum level of programming and the balance of monthly programming charges is not paid, a Cancellation

Fee of $240 will apply. If service is terminated or downgraded during months 13-24, and the balance of monthly programming charges is not

paid, a Cancellation Fee equal to the lesser of $240 or $25 per remaining month will apply. You further agree that such Cancellation Fees may

be charged to your Dish Network account or the credit or debit card number that you initially provided to Dish Network or to any other credit

card or debit card number of yours that you have provided to make payments to DISH Network through CCA or otherwise. If you do not submit

payment within the timeframe allowed on the DISH Network billing statement, you will be reported to credit agencies as determined appropriate by DISH

Network. Additionally, you authorize DISH Network to investigate the financial responsibility and credit worthiness (including, without limitation, acquiring credit

reports and histories). The customer or retailer shall be responsible for all applicable sales taxes. Hardware and programming sold separately. By signing

below, you acknowledge that the terms and conditions described above were disclosed to you prior to sale. All services are provided pursuant

No problem in disconecting or selling your free upgrade 510. I did exactly what you are talking about on Wed. My new 522 arrived, called Dish to disconnect the 510 and add the 522, even told them I was selling it. Advanced Tech said "no problem, the receiver is yours to do with as you please".

As long as you keep your service agreement of Top50 or better you will be OK.

Sold my 811 on eBay for $351

Offered to return to Dish after poor customer service, but they declined. So do the math $351-240 = 111. I still have a mint condition 301 to sell to. What is that worth? I'm going back to Direct TV. I like their customer service better and the fact that I can choose from many different hardware verndors for equipment.
Good news. Thanks all.

I'm not a DHP customer. I bought my stuff back when the $9 or so a month for a year thing was going on.

Once I am ready for the 921, my 510 goes on ebay. Gotta get that price tag down for the wife factor. :)
The I like 9 promotion, I remember that one.

I wouldn't see anything wrong with someone selling their 811 or 510 that they received a promotion on to go towards a more expensive 921 receiver. I still have my 508's unopened in the boxes from where I got a special promotion on them holding out for the 522's. I am hoping I can get a promotion on the 510 and/or the 811 as well. I would probably want the HD recorded as it would be on a DVR but the 921 is pretty expensive to do something like that with and only has one tv output.

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