Can u use 2 Dpp lnbfs to see 3 to 4 satellite


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Nov 29, 2005
Can you use 2 Dish Pro Plus LNB's to see 3 to four satellites without the switch
also can you use a directv dishor lnbs
Can you use 2 Dish Pro Plus LNB's to see 3 to four satellites without the switch
No. To my knowledge there is currently only one DishPro Plus LNBF and it is the DPP Twin. The DPP Twin LNBF is only compatible with DP LNBF and not the DPP LNBF. Therefore, the only thing you can connect to it is a DP LNBF as a wing dish, for 119, 110, and one other orbital location.

So if you want more than the 3 satellite orbital locations (119, 110, plus one other) you will need to use a switch, and therefore, the DPP Twin would be a waste of funds compared to the DP Twin.

Here are the facts on the LNBF:
Here are more documents:
also can you use a directv dish or lnbs
The 18" dish pan used by DirecTV should work; and in some cases with a limited setup, the LNBF may even work in a Dish Network legacy setup, but your best bet is probably to go with DishPro LNBF's.
Yeah, if you have two dishes. :D
But the DPP Twin is just as wide as the DP Quad. You can't fit them side-by-side into the mount.
Even with 2 dishes you could not feed 1 DPP Twin into another DPP Twin.

I haven't tried this, but if you had 2 DPP Twin's, 2 dishes peaked to 119/110, and 2 cables running to a 622, I suspect you could connect these 2 feeds - one each, to the two satellite inputs on the 622 receiver.:D
But again, another waste of funds, since you can take the single cable from a DPP Twin and feed both satellite inputs using the DPP Separator.:cool:
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Even with 2 dishes you could not feed 1 DPP Twin into another DPP Twin.
I was just having some fun. One dish w/DPP Twin for two receivers, and another dish w/DPP Twin for the other two receivers.
Two DPP Twins, no switch. That's what he wanted. :)
1. - 61.5, 110, 119, 129, and 148 are DSS, i.e, upper freqs with circular polarity.
--- 105, and 121 are FSS, i.e., lower freqs with linear polarity.
--- 118.75 is a confused bird, i.e., lower freqs with circular polarity. :D

2. - Older Dish receivers uses Dish Network Legacy LNBF and Legacy Switches. Some are not compatible with all the satellites.
--- Newer receivers uses DishPro LNBF and DishPro Switches, but are also backwards compatible with Legacy LNBF and Switches.
--- Newer receivers also can use DishPro Plus LNBF and/or DPP Switches.

3. You can not mix and match Legacy and Non-Legacy LNBF and Switches.

I see a lot of what if's here, if you provide some more info someone will give you an expert answer.

Q1. What receiver do you have or, are planning on using?

Q2. Which orbital locations would you like (at one time), or what programming would you like? And your location, or Zip Code will get a more accurate response.

Q3. What equipment (dish, LNBF, switch) do you have available?

This probably should be on the Technical Sub-Forum?
DISH Pro 301,Vip 211, 2 DPP LNB, 1 dish 1000 , 1 directv dish(single LNB) 1 World directv dish
1 DP LNB, No Switches
four diffrent types of directv LNBs
need international , almost everything dish network has
Satellite i need to pick up is 61.5, 110, 118, 119, 121

and for directv I already pick 95, 99,101,103,110,119

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Location: 85542/Peridot, AZ
2 Receivers: Standard Definition DishPro 311 and a High Definitioin ViP 211
Programming: DishHD Platinum, Locals (if any), and International.

I believe you could get either 61.5 or 129 from your location for the HD content.

Q1 However, what International Channels/Packages are you looking for?
That will determine if you need 61.5, 118.7, and/or 121, which there may be some more changes down the line.

Q2 Does your Dish 1000 have additional LNBF's then the LNBF's you listed, or did you list them separately?
2 dish pro plus twin lnbs, 1 dish pro dual lnb, dish 1000 , dish 500, no switches
also can a directv worlddirectv dish and lnb see 121*
i might buy an dpp 44 or dp34

i want satellite 61.5*, 110*, 119*, 121* and Hindi Pak at $5?.??
I already have DISH HD Platinum
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I really don't know anything about DirecTV equipment. I suspect the World DirecTV Dish is a 5 orbital location KA and KU band dish. Anyway, the DirecTV LNBF's will not work with Dish Network receivers & switches because Dish Network' LNBF's uses DishPro and/or Bandstacking technology.

NOTE: DP Dual means it has 2 connectors on it to feed 2 signals, and does not have 2 LNB's for 2 orbital locations. 2 orbital locations would be called a DP Twin.


You should be able to take your DishPro Dual LNBF and use it on the Dish 500 with an I-Bracket for either Satellite 61.5 or 148. It will also work for 129. However, it will not work for 121, 105, nor 118.7 which are FSS satellites.

Dish Pointing:
- Sat 148: Azimuth = 223; Elevation = 34
- Sat 61.5: Azimuth = 104; Elevation = 26

- I could not find a Hindi Package. Under the South Asian programming there are several packages availabe that include Hindi channels, and in some cases certain channels can be purchased A La Carte.
- I don't think any of the Hindi channels are currently on 118.75.
- It looks like all of the Hindi channels are on 121, which needs a "Bandstacked FSS LNBF"
- I think all of the Hindi channels are on 148.
- I think all of the Hindi channels are on 61.5.

- You should be able to pick up the HD programming on 61.5 or 129.

Phoenix, AZ Locals:
- Phoenix SD Locals are on Sat 119, Transponder 5 & 7, Spotbeam 6.
- Phoenix HD Locals are on Sat 110 (currently 4 channels).

You have 3 choices:

(1) Peak your Dish 1000 for 119 & 110. Disconnect the Dual LNBF for 129 from the DPP Twin. Connect in its place, the Dish 500 dish with the DP Dual LNBF & peaked on 61.5. Run 2 cables from the DPP Twin to the 2 receivers.
You should have everything (regular, SD/HD locals, HD, PIC & Hindi) with 119, 110, & 61.5.

(2) Buy a DPP-44 Switch. Peak Dish 1000 for 119, 110, and 129. Connect two cables from DPP Twin to Port 1 and Port 2 on DPP-44 to get 119 & 110. Connect 129 to Port 3 on DPP-44. Peak a Dish 500 dish with DP Dual LNBF on Satellite 148 or 61.5 and connect it to Port 4 on the DPP-44. Run 2 cables from DPP-44 output to 2 receivers.
You should have everything (regular, SD/HD locals, HD, PIC & Hindi) with 119, 110, 129 & 61.5.
You should have everything but the Public Information Channels (PIC) if using 148 instead of 61.5.

(3) Buy a SuperDish 121 and DPP-44 Switch. Peak the SuperDish 121 to 119, 110, and 121; then connect it to the DPP-44 Ports 1, 2 & 3. Take your Dish 1000 and peak it to 129; then connect it to Port 4. Run 2 cables to the 2 receivers.
This will give you everything except the extra Public Information Channels on 61.5.

Dish Network isn't known for having up-to-date web pages, but you could check the individual channels you are interested in to see what Satellites they are on: Asian

Or you could check the satellites here:
61.5 =
148 =
121 =

EDIT: Added info on Phoenix, AZ high definition channels.
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After I shut down the computer last night, I realized there was another way, basically taking choice (1) above and change the 2 dishes around.

Option (1) Modified:

- (a) Install a DishPro Plus Twin on the Dish 500 and peak it for 119 and 110.
- Remove the DishPro Plus Twin from the Dish 1000, and install a DP Dual LNBF in the center of the bracket. Peak it to 61.5.
- Connect a cable from the Dish 1000 Dual LNBF, to the input on the Dish 500 DPP Twin LNBF.
- Run 2 cables from the Dish 500 DPP Twin LNBF to each of the 2 receivers.

Assuming the particular Hindi channels you want are on 61.5, this setup should give you all of the programming you are looking for; and without buying any additional equipment, as well as giving you the strongest signal without rain fade on 61.5.

Good luck.
Here is what you are going to have to set up

or this
I counted 11, with possibly one on the other corner of the house. Looks like he'll need a 18 x 1 switch with the dual/triple LNBF. :D

I like the second setup at the Drive-in Theater, where everyone gets there own satellite drop to watch "Drive-in HD Theater".:up

Glad it's working.

On possibly trying the Toroidal dish solution, I believe you will end up having to use legacy switches since only "reverse legacy LNBF" are available. Maybe "reversed DP LNBF" or adaptors are available now, but I don't think so.

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