Can we get a schedule of upcoming Soccer Games Shown Live?

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It has been very frustrating getting to know which Soccer games are going to be shown live from La Liga. If you have seen these games, they are very exciting to watch (especially when they are live). I have asked Voom Customer Support about this information and here is their response:

Thank you for subscribing to VOOM.
I do not have exact information on this issue available at this time.
However, due to the time difference, I would assume that these games are
in fact taped. Please contact us again via email, or by calling us at
1-800-GET-VOOM with any further questions you may have.

Todd Shatzer
VOOM Customer Support

Original Email:
Is there a way to know which Soccer games from la Liga will be shown as
tape delayed or live? I have seen that they come up in the PG but we do
not have a set schedule of upcoming soccer games from la liga.

Of course, I sent another email:


thanks for your response. I agree with you that most of these games are
taped but I watched one that was Live and there is another that will be
shown live on 2/11/04 at 3pm (the King's cup semi-final between Sevilla and
Real Madrid). My question is, whether they are taped or live, subscribers
do not know which game will be shown for the first time. I think it will be
great to get a schedule or list when these games will be shown for the first
time on WorldSport-HD. For example the list should include:

(1) Date the game was/will be played in La Liga (Spain)
(2) Whether the game will be shown Live or Tape Delayed
(3) Date/Time (US Time) it will be shown for the first time at

Right now, there is no announcement on the WorldSport when these games will
premiere whether tape delayed or live. I have to look at and go
through all the schedules to find these games. As in any professional
sport (like baseball, hockey, basketball or NFL), a schedule of games that
will be televised is always provided. I do not think it will be difficult
to do this since La Liga games are mostly scheduled on Weekends. I am not
complaining just trying to find an easier way to get to see the premier
games whether taped or live and not have to deal with the repeats.

If you do not know the answer to my question, can you please forward this to
the director of programming for WorldSport-HD. I will appreciate any
assistance. Thanks.

to which I got no answer yet. I sent an email to the company producing these games for VOOM and this is what I got:

Sorry but I'm not autorized to comunicate this information.
Please, contact with your operator.

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I am a subscriber for VOOM, a US dbs company; Voom has been showing soccer games from La Liga First Division. I saw from your press clip that Rainbow Sports Networks contracted your company to have a lot of Soccer games produced in High Definition. I have seen a lot of the games and they look superb! Since they are a new company, I have been trying to find which games will be shown live without any success and it has been a hit and miss. Sometimes I see them and sometimes I don't because there is no posting when these games will be shown. I hope you can tell me when will the next "La Liga" High Definition games will be shown that Rainbow Sports Networks have contracted for the US. Thanks.

Sean Mota

Why is so difficult to get a simple schedule of games to be shown. Is this secret information? It really beats the hell out of me since this can only create a positive atmosphere instead of negative one.

Update: See this thread for a schedule--

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