Can you have DISH 500 dish and 301 receiver


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Jul 12, 2004
I have two 301 receivers at my house, but I am not sure about the satelite dish. I have a weekend condo so I wanted to install a dish there and just take my receiver with me when I am there on the weekends. I bought Dish 500 dish, but it apparently it will not work with my 301 receiver. I tried a friend's older receiver and everything was fine.

Now, what are my options? Do I have to use my card with my 301 receiver or can I buy a compatible reciever and just insert my card from home?


when I was performing the switch test, the only option available was superdish. How do I chnage this?
Even with the SuperDish checkmarked it should not have caused it to not get the signal since you just have a Dish500. You may need to adjust your satellite dish to receive the signal. Does it show you getting a satellite signal on the point dish screen? Do you have 110 or 119 selected on a transponder above 10? Make sure you go through the transponders as some transponders are spotbeams not received at all locations.

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