Can you just signup for One room install for the 811?


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Dec 17, 2003
I'm wanting to just install one receiver (HD 811) as a new subscriber. Can I do that by getting the $9.99 HD package, plus the Top 100 and get the 811 for free? I don't need a 2nd receiver at this time.

question 2: Do I need an outside antenna to get the Dallas, TX TV stations in HD or will signing up for local stations on DishNetwork receive them in HD? I live about 50 miles from Dallas.


Yes you can get the 811 as your only receiver. Yes you will need an antenna to receive your locals in HD. Locals on satellite are SD only. If the Dallas CBS is owned and operated by CBS or if they are willing to give you a waiver then you can get CBS-HD on satellite, either KCBS-DT from LA on the 148 satellite or WCBS-DT from NY on the 61.5 satellite..

Thanks for the reply! I tried calling the DishStore.NET this afternoon to see about signing up but got no answer. Maybe they had already closed. I'll try again tomorrow.
Thanks again,

I ordered today, as a new subscriber, a single room 811 install. Did the order online at, then called customer service and confirmed it was in their computer. Install is supposed to be next week Monday 22nd, we shall see if they have any 811's in stock. Now I need to buy a decent OTA antenna for local HD (near Hartford CT).

Thanks Keith,

I sent you a PM, at least I think I did. Not sure it got sent, still in the out box .

OK, I got signed up with one room 811. Install date is 12/23/2003. I will wait and see if it really shows up, or I get a phone call ;)

You don't have to subscribe to the HDPak to get 811 for free. Atleast no one told me I need to when I signed up. This is what I for for $49.99(with a $49.99 credit the first month):

1 811 receiver
2 Dish 500s
3 months of AT100+HBO
Philly local programming
Rattali - I got in on the same deal. Hard to beat free 811, free Dish500, free install, $50 credit on 1st invoice to match the $50 upfront cost, then $50 credit on each of the next 3 monthly invoices, AT100 + HBO + Cinemax + locals.

You can call in during the last credit month and reduce the service level, without the usual service change fee. I will probably go back to AT100 and get an OTA antenna for SD/HD locals.


Using the HD/DVR 921 with a DVD recorder.

anyone else slow motion/jumpy picture on 4900?

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